Green Beans in Sesame Miso


Green Beans in Sesame Miso with our Miso Master Organic Country Barley Miso


Try this yummy new twist on an old favorite, and old becomes new again!



  1. Add green beans and salt to boiling water and cook, uncovered, until just tender. Drain and cool.

  2. Toast sesame seeds in dry skillet, stirring constantly over medium heat about 2 minutes (if over-cooked they become bitter.).
    Grind seeds in a suribachi or with a mortar and pestle, add oil and mix, and then add miso.

  3. Blend in mirin, lemon juice, and sweetener. Mixture will be thick and somewhat coarse and dry.

  4. Add green beans and toss gently in dressing until evenly coated. Attractively arrange a small portion in individual serving bowls.

  5. Enjoy and share with family and friends!

Miso Master Organic Country Barley Miso

Miso Master Organic Country Barley Miso is a long term miso aged naturally for 18 months through four seasons in traditional hand-crafted Cypress, Redwood or Fir barrels. Our Country Barley miso has a higher soybean content in relation to the barley koji and requires a longer aging period to break down the complex protein and fat molecules into their more digestible constituents. Delicious is soups, gravy or sauces!

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