9 Tips for Cooking with Sweet & Mellow White Miso

Our American made, hand-crafted, artisan Miso Master Organic Sweet White and Miso Master Mellow White Miso are versatile and delicious culinary seasonings. Sweet White and Mellow White miso are short term miso varieties with a lighter color and sweeter flavor. These miso are also less salty than our darker, long-term miso.

Miso Master Sweet White and Mellow White Miso are interchangeable in recipes from dressings and dips to desserts. Here’s a list of cooking tips for using sweet and mellow white miso by authors and miso experts, Jan and John Belleme from their cookbook, The Book of Miso: The Art of Cooking with Miso:

  1. Sweet or mellow white miso are great substitutes for dairy. 
  2. Use sweet or mellow white miso in place of milk for mashed potatoes
  3. Combine sweet or mellow white miso with lemon or rice vinegar for creamy dips and spreads. 
  4. Combine sweet or mellow miso with high quality mirin or sake for tasty sauces for baked, broiled, or stir-fried vegetables, tofu, tempeh or fish.
  5. Use sweet or mellow white miso in creamy soups such as summer corn soup.
  6. Combine sweet white or mellow miso with butter for a delicious miso butter for summer sweet corn, corn bread, muffins or toast. 
  7. For a quick sauce, combine sweet or mellow white miso with tahini with flavorful additions of lemon, onion, garlic, and herbs. 
  8. Add sweet or mellow white miso to hummus for an instant umami flavor boost. 
  9. Add miso to desserts (Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies and Almond Crisped Rice Treats) for a unique savory sweet treat.

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The Miso Book: The Art of Cooking with Miso
by Jan and John Belleme

For centuries, the preparation of miso has been considered an art form in Japan. Through a time-honored process, soybeans and grains are transformed into thiswondrous food, which is both a flavorful addition to a variety of dishes and a powerful medicinal. Scientific research has supported miso’s use as an effective therapeutic aid in the prevention and treatment of a range of disorders. Part One of this guide begins with miso basics—its types and uses. A chapter called “Miso Medicine” then details this superfood’s healing properties and role in maintaining good health. Easy directions for making miso at home are also found in Part One. Then Part Two presents over 140 healthy recipes in which miso is used in delicious dips, spreads, sauces soups, desserts, and much more. Whether you are in search of healthful foods or you simply want a delicious new take on old favorites, The Miso Book may be just what the doctor ordered.

Jan and John Belleme are the country’s leading authorities on miso and other traditional Japanese foods. After living in Japan, where they learned the craft of miso-making firsthand, the Bellemes co-founded the American Miso Company. Their extensive research on Japanese foods has resulted in four books and over a hundred articles. Currently, the Bellemes are involved with A Taste of Health, a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of natural foods through education.