Core Values

  1. We believe you are what you eat. That's why we strive to bring healthful products from around the globe to our consumers.
  2. We believe where your food comes from matters. That's why we carefully source all of our products and ingredients to ensure quality and food safety.
  3. We believe in tradition. That's why our Miso is still handcrafted using centuries old methods.
  4. We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all team members are valued.
  5. We believe that talent knows no age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation and are committed to employee retention and promoting from within.
  6. We are unwavering in our commitment to the environment.

We are always looking for ways to decrease our impact on the environment. Great Eastern Sun is one of only a handful of American companies who are Certified Plastic Neutral by rePurpose Global. Sustainability is important to us, and while we haven't been able to remove plastic entirely from our product lines, we have committed to reducing our impact by pursuing Plastic Neutral Certification with rePurpose Global. Our partnership repurposes plastics bound for the ocean and supports additional uses for these materials in under-developed nations to reduce waste. Our commitment to plastic neutrality ensures that our net contribution to new plastics in the environment is zero.

Organic and Non-GMO

We care about the health of our customers. That's why we strive to bring as many organic and non-GMO products to market as possible at accessible price points. None of our products contain GMOs and many are verified by the Non-GMO Project.


We are dedicated to fostering a physically and emotionally safe work environment for all, and follow all necessary safety protocols to ensure our operations run smoothly.

Commitment to Local Economy

Great Eastern Sun’s sister company—American Miso Company in Rutherfordton, NC—employs 35 people in one of North Carolina's most economically challenged counties. We're proud that our traditionally handcrafted miso contributes to the local economy. In addition to those employed at American Miso Company, Great Eastern Sun employs an additional 25 people at our headquarters in Asheville, NC, where we've been part of the community for more than 40 years.

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