Chef Tom’s Sweet & Sour Tempeh

Chef Tom's Sweet & Sour Tempeh Summer Sandwich

Chef Tom’s Sweet & Sour Tempeh is deliciously seasoned with our Miso Master Organic Miso Tamari. Tasty served between two slices of sourdough bread with onion, lettuce, tomato, sauerkraut and a touch of mustard or mayo. Add a few crunchy organic chips and some cold ice tea or lemonade and enjoy yourself a nice summer meal.

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Chef Tom's Sweet & Sour Tempeh recipe

Chef Tom’s Sweet & Sour Tempeh

  • Author: Organic Chef Tom


This Sweet & Sour Tempeh is great on a sandwich, or cut into cubes and served on top of a stir fry, salad, or pasta dish. I chose Miso Master Organic Miso Tamari for this recipe because I’m a fan of it’s thick consistency which coats the tempeh perfectly for grilling or pan frying. You can also use tofu in place of tempeh. 


  1. Add Emperor’s Kitchen Organic Toasted Sesame Oil to fry pan. (If grilling, just add oil to sweet and sour dip.) 
  2. Slice tempeh in half and each half in half diagonal.
  3. In small dipping bowl, combine all the remaining ingredients and mix well for the sweet and sour dip. 
  4. Heat fry pan to medium heat coating with toasted sesame oil or oil of your choice.
  5. Dip tempeh slices into sweet and sour dip coating both sides and place in fry pan. 
  6. Cook on one side until golden brown (about 10 minutes per side), turn over and brush any remaining sweet and sour sauce dip can on the second side and cook for another 10 minutes.  

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