Floating Cloud Miso Dressing

Floating Cloud Miso Dressing


Floating Cloud Miso Dressing

This delightful Floating Cloud Miso Dressing is delicious served on tossed green salad, as a marinade, or as a sauce for your favorite cooked vegetables. 

  • Yield: 1 Cup 1x
  • Category: Dressing




  1. Combine all ingredients, and blend well.



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4 Responses

  1. Claudia

    How long can you store your red miso in refrigerator?

    • Debi Athos

      Great question! Each Miso Master Miso tub includes a “Best By” date on the bottom of the cup which is 2 years after the pack date. This Best By date is how long the miso is “at it’s best” rather than an expiration date. It includes the time that the cup is open and being used. Hope this is helpful information. Be sure to sign up to receive our Great Eastern Sun Healthy Table eNewsletters for MISOlicious monthly miso recipes! You can sign up here – it’s FREE! Happy, healthy cooking with our American made, organic Miso Master Miso!

  2. Ashley

    This sounds so good!!

    • Debi Athos

      Yes, this Floating Cloud Dressing is one of our favs! In fact, this dressing is made with our very first (and most popular!) miso that we made in our American Miso Company back in 1980. We hope you try the recipe for yourself and enjoy!