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Benefits of Miso Flyer by Jan and John Belleme

The Nutritional & Medicinal Benefits of Miso

By John & Jan Belleme


Touted for centuries as folk remedy for weak digestion, cancer, radiation, sickness, tobacco poisoning, acidic conditions, low libido, and intestinal infections miso's reputation as one of nature's most healing foods has been confirmed by modern medical science.


  • Miso Helps Protect the Body Against Atomic Radiation and Heavy Metal Poisoning.
  • Early Population Studies Show Miso is a Potent Medicine.
  • Isoflavones: The Silver Bullet in Soyfoods.
  • Miso Has 25 Times More Genistein.
  • Miso Reducees the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease.
  • Miso Protects Cells From Free Radicals and Aging.
  • The Miracle of Lactobacillus Fermentaion.
  • Miso is Effective in Reducing Chronic Pain.