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Organic Miso is....



Made in the USA

  • Using ancient Japanese techniques
  • Naturally aged - no temperature control
  • Uses handmade koji, the hallmark of traditional miso



  • Certified Gluten-Free*
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Organic and Kosher Certified


A Versatile Ingredient

adding flavor and nutrition to:


Nutritious and Beneficial

  • Unpasteurized, protecting enzymes that aid digestion and assimilation
  • A "Live Food" providing living lactobacillus cultures, the same probiotic bacteria found in yogurt.
  • Loaded with geninstein, a plant isoflavone effective in preventing and retarding the growth of cancer cells.
  • Rich in antioxidants, which scavenge free radicals that can cause cell membrane damage.
  • Supports the immune system, energy, bones and blood vessels.


*Country Barley is not Certified Gluten-Free.


Did You Know This About Miso?