Miso Master Long Term Miso Nutritional Facts

Fermented naturally for one to two years, Miso Master Organic Long-Term Miso have a rich and savory flavor with subtly sweet overtones. Deeply fragrant, these darker miso are higher in protein and essential fatty acids then lighter miso, and have a saltier taster. They are popular and versatile, well suited for heartier soups, beans baked dishes, vegetable stews, and making Japanese pickles.


  • American Made Since 1979
  • Certified Organic, Certified Kosher
  • Crafted Using Traditional Japanese Techniques & Hand-Made Koji
  • Long-Term Miso Naturally Aged without Temperature Control in Redwood, Cypress, or Douglas fir Barrels
  • Length of Aging for Long-Term Miso Stated on Lids
  • Uses Domestic Organic Beans & Grains
  • Soy-Free Chickpea Miso Available
  • Less-Sodium Sweet White Miso Available


Organic Country Barley Miso - Aged 2 years

Organic Traditional Red Miso - Aged 1 year

Organic Brown Rice Miso - Aged 2 years