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Organic Convenience In A Jar!

Organic Ready-to-Use

Garlic & Ginger!

  • Convenience without sacrificing quality!
  • Same powerful aroma & flavor as fresh!
  • No fuss, no mess, no household odors!
  • No tedious clean-up!
Emperor's Kitchen Organic Chopped Garlic 4.5 oz

Consciously Produced

  • EK Organic Garlic & Ginger is produced by one of the largest, most ecologically sensitive organic vegetable growers in the world.
  • Soil of each field analyzed by In-House Lab #1 for needed nutrients before each planting.
  • Organic fertilizer created by On-Site Organic Fertilizer Plant to supply those needed nutrients, accelerate plant growth, improve vegetable quality and strengthen plant immunity.
  • Trained Organic Agriculture technician lives on-site during growing season to provide guidance and assistance to the farmers, from tilling & planting to harvesting & mulching.
  • Trained Organic Agriculture technician coaches the farmers on organic record keeping and oversees adherence to strict organic standards and practices.
  • Each crop is tested for more then 20 pollutants by the company's In-House Lab #2 before processing in one of the company's 7 technically advanced organically certified plants.

Imported by Great Eastern Sun, Asheville, NC 28806 ⋅ 828-665-7790 ⋅

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