AUGUST  2021
Sweet & Simple Summer Fruit Sauce

This Sesame Miso Cucumber Salad is a delightful summer side dish. You’ll love the tasty dressing made from our Miso Master Organic Mellow White. There’s also a touch of our tasty Emperor’s Kitchen Toasted Sesame Oil that you will love. Sprinkle white or black sesame seeds on top because they add a nice pop of flavor and they’re nutrient rich. So get some fresh cucumbers from your garden (or farmer’s market!), prepare this salad and enjoy!


Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso

Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso is one of our Short-Term miso varieties. These misos have their own unique position in the miso universe; in many ways this position is the mirror opposite of the Long-Term Aged Miso. Short-Term Aged or Mellow Misos have more rice koji (grain inoculated with aspergillus spores) than soybeans in their ingredient mix because they are designed to ferment quickly as the aspergillus mold moves quickly through the abundant starches in rice transforming them into simple sugars. Short-Term miso also have much less salt in their ingredient mix, thereby retarding the fermentation process much less than in the Long-Term Aged Miso.


Miso Day Celebration Social Share

SEPTEMBER 18, 2021

Great Eastern Sun and Miso Master are excited to be participating in the first, annual Miso Day Celebration on Saturday September 18th, 2021!  A day of tribute for the sacred Miso- the international, fermented ingredient associated most with Miso soup; and there is so much more to Miso than soup,  Think Outside The Bowl!

Calling all traditional food enthusiasts to actively participate in spreading the word & making a plan to have your favorite Miso products and recipes at the forefront for this exciting day.


JULY  2021
Sweet & Simple Summer Fruit Sauce

Summer has arrived with its sweet offerings of tasty summer blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and soon to arrive, peaches! We're sharing one of our favorite ways to enjoy the fruits of summer with this yummy Sweet & Simple Summer Fruit Sauce by our good friends, Jan and John Belleme. It's super easy to make and an absolutely delicious topping on pancakes, waffles, puddings, ice cream or as a delightful filling for crepes.

Emperor's Kitchen Traditional Kuzu

Emperor's Kitchen Traditional Kuzu is a culinary superfood. Kuzu is traditionally used in Japan and China as a culinary andconfectionary thickening starch as well as a valued medicinal remedy. Kuzu's mild flavor makes it the perfect thickening agent for sauces, gravy, glazes, soups, stews and even cake icings and pudding.

Chef Tom's Roll Your Own California Sushi

JUNE 2021
Chef Tom's Make Your Own California Sushi

Yes, you can make your very own (and delicious!) California sushi rolls with our convenient Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori. Chef Tom shares one of his favorite sushi roll recipes that you can make at home with family and friends. YUM!


Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori


MAY 2021
Miso Mojo Plantains with Spring Onion Guacamole

The miso mojo sauce in this tasty Miso Mojo Plantains with Spring Onion Guacomole recipe is seasoned with a combination of our organic Miso Master Organic Mellow White and Miso Master Traditional Red Miso. Great spring dish especially topped with a touch of fresh and simple homemade guacamole. YUM!

Miso Master Organic Mellow White & Traditional Red Miso

Yes, you can mix our American made, organic Miso Master Miso to create more umami flavors for your delicious meals. The short-term Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso adds a light, sweet flavor and while the long-term Miso Master Organic Traditional Red compliments the sweetness, it brings in a little more saltiness and deeper umami touch.

Asian Coleslaw with Miso Dressing made with American made, organic Miso Master Miso

APRIL 2021


Asian Coleslaw with Miso-Ginger Dressing

Enjoy this tasty Asian Coleslaw seasoned to perfection with a Miso-Ginger dressing made from our Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso and our popular  ready-to-use Emperor's Kitchen Chopped Ginger. So good!

Miso Master
Organic Sweet White Miso

Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso is a delightful miso for spring salad dressings to top fresh garden arugula, leaf lettuce or use to season scrambled tofu for breakfast!
Buy at your favorite organic market like Whole Foods or direct from our Great Eastern Sun online market here > 

Homemade Temaki Sushi Cone Recipes

MARCH 2021

Stuffed Nori Cones aka Tamaki

Stuffed Nori Cones aka "Tamaki" are the easiest and fastest way to enjoy "sushi" without rolling! Tamaki is simply hand wrapped sushi. All you do is take a small square piece of Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori and holding in one hand add rice and fillings and fold into a cone, dip in sushi seasonings of your choice and enjoy!

Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori

For the ultimate convenience, our delicious Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori is ready to use right out of the package! Buy Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori at your local organic market, like Whole Foods or food coop or direct from our Great Eastern Sun online market here >

Delicous Homemade Miso-Maple Pancake Syrup Recipe


Miso-Maple Pancake Syrup

Imagine drizzling a savory sweet caramel syrup over delicious whole grain pancakes hot off the grill. Sprinkle with your favorite fresh, organic fruit and enjoy. This recipe is super simple and quick to prepare for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day!

Miso Master Sweet White Miso

Our American made, organic Miso Master Sweet White Miso is the perfect miso to pair with sweeteners for all kind of savory-sweet creations from this super simp Miso-Maple Pancake Syrup to Miso-Chocolate Chip Cookies. YUM!



Aduki Bean and Winter Squash

Enjoy this warming winter Aduki Bean and Winter Squash Stew .

Emerald Cove Pacific Kombu

Our Emerald Cove Pacific Kombu adds that unique umami flavor to this Aduki Bean and Winter Squash recipe. Emerald Cove Pacific Kombu is available in convenient dried strips that can be cut and added to your favorite bean, soup, stew, or other delicious dishes with this special veggie from the sea.


Almond Cookies


Almond Cookies

Bring back those treasured memories of making sweet holiday cookies with this Almond Cookie recipe. These tasty cookies are naturally sweetened with our Sweet Cloud Organic Brown Rice Syrup. Happy Holiday Baking!

Sweet Cloud Organic Brown Rice SyrupSweet Cloud Organic Brown Rice Syrup 16 oz

Sweeten your holiday baked goods with
our Sweet Cloud Organic Brown Rice Syrup, naturally! Certified USDA Organic and available in 16 oz glass jar, 1 gallon or 50 pound tubs.


Shiitake Miso Gravy with Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Miso


Shiitake Miso Gravy
by Organic Chef Tom

This shiitake mushroom and miso gravy is full of delicious umami flavor. Pour this flavorful gravy on top of your favorite dishes; such as whole grains or traditional mashed potatoes. I used Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Misofor this recipe. However, if you want a lighter gravy in color and flavor useMiso Master Organic Mellow White Miso. Both Red or White Misos' will make for a delicious mushroom gravy!

Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Miso  
Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso




Vegan Cheesy Spread 
by Crow Moon Kitchen's Justin Weber

Justin Weber from Crow Moon Kitchen created this tasty Vegan Cheesy Spread recipe seasoned with our soy-free Miso Master Organic Chickpea Miso for an Instagram Autumn Giveaway* we've partnered on.

Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Miso  
Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso
Miso Master Organic Chickpea Miso
*Giveaway ends October 11, 2020
Head over to Instagram to enter >

Onigirazu Sushi Sandwiches made with Emerald Cove Organic Sushi Nori


Here at Great Eastern Sun, we believe that food should be healthy and fun to make! We just love making Organic Chef Tom's Onigirazu - Homemade Sushi Sandwiches. These little umami packages are made with two outer layers of sushi rice and filled with veggies, a protein of your choice (we used fried tempeh and tofu) and seasoned with our Emperor's Kitchen Organic Pickled Plum Paste or Emperor's Kitchen Organic Pickled Plums if that's what you have on hand. We hope you enjoy making some of your own Sushi Sandwiches with your family and friends as much as we did.

Onigirazu Sushi Sandwich Recipes from Around the Web


Sushi Sandwich Recipes From Around the World

We just adore these unique "sushi sandwiches" known as onigirazu in Japan. They're actually super easy to make and perhaps easier than rolling traditional sushi. Sushi Sandwiches share the same tasty fillings that you would use in a sushi roll such as avocado, cucumber, carrots, red peppers, radish, arugula, spinach, red or green cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, fermented pickles, greens, tofu, tempeh, crab, salmon... They're also seasoned with a variety of tasty sushi flavorings like tamari, umeboshiwasabi, garnished with beautiful black sesame seeds, wrapped in a single sheet of sushi nori in an oval or square shaped sliceable sandwich.

We hope that you enjoy this tasty collection of Onigirazu Sushi Sandwiches recipes and videos that we have shared from around the web. Happy sushi sandwich making!

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with our Miso Master, Chris Smith!

Andre' will be interviewing our Miso Master - Chris Smith about how he makes our delicious, #Americanmade, #organic, traditional MISO MASTER MISO!
Ask questions, interact, share links, ideas and recipes real time.
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Miso Master Miso Interview with Cody Smith

Apple Nut Muffins with Miso Master Organic Miso


August is all about apples and what better way to celebrate then by adding miso's unique umami flavor to some sweet apple desserts. Here is a collection of yummy miso apple dessert recipes that we wanted to share with you. Enjoy!

Baked Stuffed Apples with Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso Sweetened with Sweet Cloud Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Apple Miso Dessert Recipes from Around the Web

Jamie Oliver uses miso paste to make great vegetarian meals NYTCooking Story on Instagram




Watch NYT Cooking Story on Instagram

WOW! It was super awesome to see a NYT Cooking Instagram story feature Jamie Oliver sharing "10 pantry items he leans on to make great vegetarian meals." We were super excited to see that his #1 go-to just happens to be "Miso Paste" and he is sharing our American made, Miso Master Organic Mellow White and Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Miso!

Jamie uses miso for "broths, soups, dumplings, fillings, vegetables, roasting, grilling... for a real nice umami taste and real depth of flavor." Of course, we totally agree with Jamie. Miso is the perfect for adding delicious flavor to vegetarian dishes.

See a list of Jamie's favs below. Happy vegetarian cooking!

#1 - Miso Paste
#2 - Beans
#3 - Dried Mushrooms (porcini, shiitake ...)
#4 - Kimchi
#5 - Peanut Butter (unsweetened) & Tahini (sesame butter)
#6 - Worcestershire Sauce (vegetarian version)
#7 - Sun-Dried Tomatoes "a little bit of sunshine and umami"
#8 - Capers "you can also fry them
#9 - Marmite


"Brad Makes Garlic Miso"
It's Alive / Bon Appétit

We just LOVE this super awesome "Brad Makes Garlic Miso" video from by Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager, Brad Leone! What we love the most is that Brad is using our American-made, organic Miso Master Miso to ferment the garlic into umami perfection. Brad completes the video by preparing a "delicious garlic-infused miso soup" ... YUM!

Grilled Sweet Corn with Miso Master Miso Butter

JULY 2020

Grilled Sweetcorn with Miso Butter

Fire up the grill and enjoy some sweet summer grilled corn brushed with a tasty miso butter spread made with our Miso Master Organic Mellow or Sweet White Organic Miso. This recipe includes a vegan butter variation made with Melt Organic Butter made with plants.


We also love Emperor's Kitchen Umeboshi Pickled Plum or Emperor's Kitchen Pickled Plum Paste (see Recipes from Around the Web below.)


Chef Tom's Sweet & Sour Tempeh recipe

JUNE 2020

Chef Tom's Sweet & Sour Tempeh

Organic Chef Tom's Sweet & Sour Tempeh is super tasty served between two slices of sourdough bread with onion, lettuce, tomato, sauerkraut and a touch of mustard or mayo. Add a few crunchy organic chips and some cold ice tea or lemonade and enjoy yourself a nice summer meal.

Chef Tom's Sweet & Sour dip is made with our Miso Master Organic Miso Tamari, Emperor's Kitchen Organic Pureed Ginger, Emperor's Kitchen Chopped Garlic, and Sweet Cloud Organic Rice Syrup.


Arame Ume Udon Noodle Salad

MAY 2020

Organic Chef Tom's
Arame Ume Udon Noodle Salad

Organic Chef Tom shares his delicious Arame Ume Udon Noodle Salad with our delicious Emerald Cove Pacific Arame. Arame is a mild tasting member of the kelp sea vegetable family. Arame is a flavorful topping for noodles, grains, and seasonal salads. And because of its delicate flavor, arame absorbs your choice of seasonings beautifully. Chef Tom seasoned his arame recipe with our Emperor's Kitchen Traditional Umeboshi Vinegar. So good!


Martha Stewart Living Asparagus Miso Tahini Dip

MISO RECIPE Martha Stewart Living

Asparagus with Miso Tahini Dip 

We first saw this tasty Asparagus with Miso Tahini Dip recipe in our May 2020 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. We were happy to have found it on Martha Stewart's website so that we could share it with you. The creamy, vegan Miso Tahini Dip is simple to prepare by whisking together umami-rich white miso, tahini paste, a little garlic, lemon juice, and sesame oil. The recipe features lightly blanched asparagus stalks which can be joined or replaced by some of your favorite lightly steamed or raw veggies for dipping. Of course, we recommend testing this delicious dip with our American made, Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso. YUM!



Organic Chef Tom creating new recipes with Miso Master Organic Miso Tamari


Watch for new recipe creations by Chef Tom
using our Miso Master Organic Miso Tamari

Add a little miso love to your chocolate desserts!

Chocolate Miso Cake

We're excited to share this Chocolate Miso Cake that we discovered over at the MediterrAsian blog. This "indulgent treat" created by Trudy Thelander and Ric Watson, authors of The MediterrAsian Way has one surprisingly special ingredient, white miso. While miso is not something most cooks would think of adding to desserts, it actually adds a nice balance of flavor to the sweetness along with a touch of that unique umami flavor. This tasty cake is make with white miso, so we would recommend using our Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso or Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso (whichever you have in the fridge) for the recipe. The recipe is egg-free and does call for Greek-style yogurt, it can easily made vegan friendly by using a plant-based yogurt.

Trudy and Ric have many more healthy recipes combining Mediterranean and Asian foods along with some great lifestyle tips on their MediterrAsian blog. You can purchase their cookbook, The MediterrAsian Way: A cookbook and guide to health, weight loss, longevity, combining the best features of Mediterranean and Asian diets on Amazon. Happy Miso Chocolate Cake baking!

Chocolate Miso Cake

Sushi Rolls with Emerald Cove® organic toasted sushi nori

April 2020


YES! You can make your own delicious Sushi Rolls at home. It's easier than you think especially with our umami Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori- and we're here to show you how to make your family and friends say "WOW!"

Of course, you can serve your sliced sushi gems with our Sushi Sonic Real Wasabi to create the classic sushi experience.


March 2020


Our Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso is the secret umami ingredient in these extra tasty Broiled Salmon Steaks. Simply combine Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso with olive oil, lemon juice, white wine or sake, garlic powder and fresh basil and brush salmon steaks before broiling. Quick, easy, nourishing meal for two. Enjoy!


February 2020


This Miso Buttercream is a surprisingly tasty topping for your favorite chocolate cake, cupcakes and a sweet Valentine gift for that someone special! The addition of our American made, Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Miso adds a unique, rich umami  flavor.

Miso Mushroom Barley Stew

January 2020


This tasty classic includes the amazing umami flavor and goodness of our Emperor's Kitchen Organic Shiitake Mushrooms and is seasoned with our Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Miso. Comfort food at its best. Serve with Chef Tom's Organic Vegan Corn Bread and enjoy one wonderful winter meal.

Smitten Kitchen Miso Black Sesame Caramel Corn

Click photo for Smitten Kitchen's Miso Black Sesame Caramel Corn

Week-end Sweet Treat Recipe > WOW ... double WOW!! Look what we found over at Smitten Kitchen!! This sweet "Miso Black Sesame Caramel Corn" #recipe is definitely going on the top of our Miso Master Test Kitchen recipe test list. The recipe calls for white or red #miso, so I guess we'll just have to make two different batches, one with our Miso Master Organic Traditional Red Miso and one with our Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso - just to see which one tastes the best ? and some Emperor's Kitchen Organic Black Sesame Seeds. Click here for this irresistible recipe > and have a sweet week-end from your friends at Great Eastern Sun!

Miso Minestrone Soup

January 2020

We know our fans love recipes, so we're happy to share more soup and stew recipes that you can season with our American made, organic Miso Master Miso. Happy miso soup and stew making!

  1. Miso Minestrone Great Eastern Sun
  2. Miso Stew epicurious
  3. Japanese Vegetable Stew with Miso Broth Slices of Blue Sky
  4. Thick Miso Stew The Vegetarian Ginger
  5. Hearty One Pot Meal Miso Soup Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
  6. Instant Pot Miso Red Bean Stew The Pig & Quill
  7. Chicken Miso Stew Katie Cavuto Blog
  8. Shiitake Mushroom Udon Noodle Soup Aberdeen's Kitchen
  9. Miso Tahini Chickpea Stew Dishing Up the Dirt
  10. Miso Soup with Tofu and Cabbage Jamie Oliver


Make homemade Japanese Dashi Soup Broth

January 2020

Make delicious Dashi at home!

The Japanese secret to a delicious and healthy soup broth is dashi made with kombu , the King of Seaweeds, shiitake mushrooms and optional bonito flakes. Kombu contains a high amount of the amino acid called "glutamic acid" which provides that unique "umami"  fifth taste. Shiitake mushrooms contain nucleotides which enhance the umami flavor of the kombu.

Mock Mincemeat Pie

December 2019

Mock Mincemeat Pie

This tasty Mock Mincemeat Pie is a fruit-filled, plant-based twist on a classic holiday pie. Yes, this fruit filled and fruit juice sweetened pie has all the holiday spices and that one special and surprising ingredient, our American made, organic Miso Master Sweet White Miso. The holidays never tasted so good!  Wishing you and yours a memorable holiday season filled with sweet memory making moments.




November 2019

Hearty Holiday Gravy with Miso Master Mellow White Miso

Enjoy this delicious vegan Hearty Holiday Gravy seasoned with our American-made Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso along with the unique flavor of nutritional yeast. Perfect served with holiday meals over mashed potatoes, whole grains or vegetable dishes.  Wishing you and your family an enjoyable holiday season centered around many memorable, healthy meals!

Haiku Organic Japanese Tea

New Packaging Same Delicious
HAIKU Organic Japanese Teas
October 2019

Our Haiku Organic Japanese Teas are now packaged in our bright and beautiful newly designed boxes. Our organic Haiku Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea is packaged in a green and white box with a large easy to spot green tea leaf on front, so its easy to see and grab off your local, organic market's shelf. The Haiku Organic Japanese Hojicha Roasted Green Tea is packaged in a red and white box with a large red tea leaf and you'll find our popular, low caffeine Haiku Organic Japanese Kukicha Twig Tea package in a deep purple with a purple tea leaf on the front.

Creamy Squash Soup with Coconut seasoned with Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso

October 2019

Creamy Squash Soup with Miso Master Sweet White Miso

Autumn is pumpkin and squash season. What better way to bring in the autumn season than a delicious bowl of Creamy Squash Soup seasoned with our American-made, organic Miso Master Sweet White Miso! This recipe uses coconut milk so it is vegan friendly and so good.



Lemon Mustard Broiled Flounder

September 2018

Lemon-Mustard Broiled Flounder

We hope that you will enjoy testing out this  "Lemon-Mustard Broiled Flounder" recipe which is our Recipe of the Month for September. This simple to prepare, flavor-filled fish dish is seasoned with lemon, mustard and our #American-made, #organic, Miso Master Mellow White Miso. Click here for a printable recipe that you can prepare and enjoy with family and friends.

Click here for a printable recipe >


July 2018

Soba Nori Rolls

These tasty, homemade Soba Nori Rolls are filled with our Organic Planet Organic Soba Noodles (in place of sushi rice) and rolled in our Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori. Let your creativity go and add your favorite fillings. Be sure to invite family and friends over to roll own because everyone loves nori rolls!

Our Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori is ready-to-roll right out of the package! Homemade sushi nori rolls have never been easier to prepare. And we can't forget to mention how absolutely delicious these tasty sheets of nori are. Some of our fans eat them right out of the package as a snack. Use them to make your favorite rice, quinoa, or soba nori rolls. Use your imagination to create your own supreme sushi rolls. Impress your family and friends by sharing your homemade sushi nori rolls at family gatherings and potlucks.


BUY Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori
at your local organic market or coop or direct from
our Great Eastern Sun Online Market here >
June 2018

Sebastian Fruity
Green Tea Smoothie

What could be more cooling on a warm spring day than a refreshing smoothie? We like to add a twist of our Haiku Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea to our smoothies to enjoy all the goodness of green tea and as an late morning or early afternoon pick-up. This recipe calls for frozen strawberries (be sure to use organic!) and frozen bananas, however you can get creative and try your favorite frozen fruits.

Haiku Organic Japanese Sencha Tea


Haiku Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea is made from the finest new spring buds and leaves of the tea bush. Each of our teabags are filled with two full grams of delicious, 100% Japanese Organic Sencha Tea.


Be sure to enter our spring 2018 Miso Master Umami Giveaway for a chance to win some awesome goodies, including our Miso Master Organic Miso TamariEmperor's Kitchen Organic Whole Shiitake Mushrooms, Emperor's Kitchen Organic Chopped Garlic, Emperor's Kitchen Organic Kuzu and a copy of Japanese Foods That Heal by Jan and John Belleme to make some healthy, "umami" dishes at home!

We will choose one lucky winner on June 21, 2018.
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Read More About UMAMI

The umami flavor is a very special one. Many of our Great Eastern Sun products including our Miso Master Miso add this unique flavor to dishes from breakfast to desserts. We're excited to share the Umami Information Center with you to learn more about this incredibly delicious extra fifth flavor.




Udon Salad Recipe with Organic Planet Udon Noodles

Spring has arrived at last here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Here at Great Eastern Sun, we enjoy organic gardening, cooking with the seasons and shopping at our local tailgate markets. As the weather warms, we switch out warming vegetable soups with more pasta and veggie dishes such as this "Udon Salad" our Recipe of the Month for April made with our tasty Organic Planet Traditional Whole Wheat Udon noodles.

This tasty Udon Salad is tossed with a delicious dressing made with our handcrafted, Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso.


Enjoy this delicious Sweet and Sour Sauce  over your favorite stir-fry, Asian-style pasta or rice dishes! This tasty classic sauce features two of our Emperor's Kitchen customer favorites, our Emperor's Kitchen Organic Kuzu, and Emperor's Kitchen Organic Pureed Ginger.  Our Sweet Cloud Organic Brown Rice Syrup adds just the right amount of sweetness.



Emperor's Kitchen Organic Kuzu


Kuzu's Healing Power

Kuzu has been used in East Asia as an important medicine in traditional pharmacopeia for more than 2,000 years. The starch that makes kuzu such an outstanding jelling and thickening agent in cooking is partly responsible for its medicinal action. Some of kuzu's complex starch molecules enter the intestines and relieve the discomfort caused by overacidity, bacterial infection, and, in the case of diarrhea, excess water.

In many instances of abdominal aches and intestinal irritation, a cup of simple kuzu cream (kuzu with umeboshi paste, shoyu, and fresh ginger juice) brings quick relief, particularly with children, who often do not like the taste of over-the-counter medications. Kuzu cream is also very useful against colds, stomach cramps, diarrhea, neutralizing stomach acidity, and relaxing tight muscles.

Kuzu also contains a very high concentration of flavonoids, powerful natural antioxidants, which contribute to this plant's strong medicinal effect on digestive and circulatory ailments. Flavonoids also inhibit the contraction of smooth muscle tissue, thereby increasing blood flow and relieving cramping in the intestines.

The medicinal effects of kuzu's flavonoids were proven during numerous clinical studies in China in the 1970's. These published studies showed that crude kuzu root preparations or their extracted flavonoids, given as injections or taken orally, Researchers also report that flavonoids lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of forming blood clots, protect the heart against cardiovascular disease, and protect the brain by dilating cerebral microvessels to increase blood flow. reduce high blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and relieve chronic migraine headaches.

Like some soy foods such as miso, kuzu root contains high concentrations of phytoestrogens, plant biochemicals that can influence the hormonal system. Kuzu's capacity to regulate estrogen levels in mammals was demonstrated at the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo, Japan, where tests showed that kuzu could prevent the bone loss induced by estrogen deficiency. Scientists involved in the study stated, "Kuzu root may represent a potential alternative medicine for hormone replacement therapy in the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women."


The True Story of Kudzu, the Vine That Never Truly Ate the South Smithsonian Magazine >

Did You Know You Can Eat Kudzu Kitchn >

Arrowroot and Kudzu ~ What's the Difference? Veg Family  >

Benefits of Kudzu Isoflavones LIVESTRONG >

This Root May Be the Key to Natural Anxiety Relief Organic Authority >

Kudzu Flower Jelly  Southern Forager >

Vegan Pie Fillings KCRW Blog >

How to Make Your Own Egg Replacers for Vegan Baking Food52 >

Kudzu Takes Root in Southern Culture  Our State Magazine >

" In 2009, researchers found that compounds called isoflavones in the kudzu root could help control diabetes by helping to regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose. Folk herbalists have long claimed kudzu as a remedy for alcoholism and hangovers and scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have investigated the kudzu compound puerarin as a potential treatment for alcohol problems."



Sweet Valentine Treat
Miso Chocolate Truffles

Many miso fans might be surprised to learn that miso is a popular ingredient in desserts and tasty treats like our Recipe of the Month, Miso Chocolate Truffles! Miso adds that perfect balancing touch to tone the sweetness of these delectable little gems.

In Melissa Clark's interview "From Matcha to Miso, 7 Japanese Ingredients You Can Add to Desserts", Kyotofu author, Nicole Bermensolo shares just how to incorporate this unique "umami" ingredient to desserts. In this interview, Melissa asks Nicole, "I've had miso soup, and it's a very savory flavor. How do you use that in a dessert?" and Nicole shared, "Miso is great. It's one of my favorite ingredients of all-time. The reason that I like it so much is because it's salty and it can be used as a salt replacer. But it has all kinds of interesting flavor dimensions to it. It has the umami, it has the butteriness, a little bit of nuttiness. When you add it to something that goes well with something kind of salty and savory like chocolate or caramel, miso just adds this whole other dimension that you don't get with just straight salt."

So, yes! Miso can be used in desserts and you can try our Miso Chocolate Truffles ~ Recipe of the Month to test using our, low-sodium Miso Master Organic Sweet White Miso. Hope that you enjoy a sweet Valentine's Day!

Miso Chocolate Truffles Printable Recipe of the Month >
Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes with Shiro-an Cream
by Nicole Bermensolo on The Spendid Table website >




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We love giveaways! It's fun to spotlight some of our awesome organic and natural brands and products that we're so proud of, especially our American-made, organic Miso Master Miso. If you would like to read our Miso Master story, check out our new "Miso Master Miso Heritage" story on Facebook.

The Marvelous Miso Master Giveaway winnings includes some additional Great Eastern Sun:

Emperor's Kitchen Organic Pureed Ginger
Emperor's Kitchen Organic Shiitake Mushrooms
Emerald Cove Pacific Wakame

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It's easy to enter and share this marvelous giveaway and share with your family and friends. Click the link below for more details and to enter by February 28, 2018. Good Luck!


BRU Broth with Miso Master Organic Chickpea Miso

It's always super exciting to see other brands using some of our organic products as ingredients in their products! The creative makers of BRU Broth (the 1st Organic Cold Pressed Bone Broth Beverage) have added the goodness of fresh pressed superfoods to their tasty organic bone broths and including our organic, soy-free, Miso Master Chickpea Miso​! to three of their six tasty BRU broths.

Haiku Sencha Green Tea Cooler recipe

Preparing Haiku Japanese

Organic Sencha Green Tea

Our Haiku Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea is made from the finest, full flavored green tea leaves in the Uji district of Japan. It is available in both convenient teabags and loose tea for your brewing pleasure. Here are some delicious ways to enjoy our Haiku Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea:
Hot Sencha Tea from Teabags:  Bring cold water to a full boil. Immediately remove from heat and let sit for a minute. Pour over the tea, using one cup of water per teabag. Allow to steep for no more than 1-2 minutes or tea may become bitter.

Hot Sencha from Loose Tea:  Bring cold water to a full boil. Pour 1 cup of boiled water over 1 teaspoon of Haiku Green Sencha tea leaves and steep for 1-2 minutes, strain leaves and enjoy.

Iced Sencha Tea from Teabags: Bring 4 cups water to a boil, and pour over 4 teabags. Allow to steep for 2 minutes. Remove teabags and sweeten, if desired. Stir well, chill for at least ½ hour, pour into serving pitcher, add ice and cold water to make 2 quarts, and serve.

Fruit Infused Haiku Green Sencha Tea

To brew, bring 7 cups water to a boil, remove from heat and add 4 teabags. Cover steep for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove teabags and chill for at least 1/2 hour. Then pour into a serving pitcher, add 1 cup organic pear juice, stir well, and serve. MAKES 1/2 GALLON.
Haiku Organic Japanese Sencha Green Teas are available at your local organic food market or purchase direct in our Great Eastern Sun Online Shop.