Nutty Popcorn Crunch

Nutty Popcorn Crunch with Sweet Cloud® Rice Syrup


Nutty Popcorn Crunch

Who doesn’t love sweet crunchy caramel popcorn and peanuts! This recipe is unique because it is sweetened with our natural Sweet Cloud Organic Brown Rice Syrup in place of traditional brown sugar. Prepare and enjoy this caramel coated delight at your next party or just for fun!





  1. Pour oil and popcorn in large pan and pop.
  2. Pour popped corn into a large stainless steel bowl or pan(Try not to pour out the usual unpopped corn kernels in thebottom of the pot. Carefully remove any that get in the bowl. )
  3. Mix the peanuts with the popcorn. Sprinkle lightly with sea salt.
  4. Bring rice syrup to a boil.
  5. Pour the rice syrup over the popcorn mixture, mix well.
  6. Spread coated popcorn and peanuts evenly on a cookie sheet andbake 250°F for 10 to 15 minutes until golden. Will get crunchy as it cools.
  7. Cool completely and enjoy with family and friends.

Sweet Cloud® Organic Brown Rice Syrup

SWEET CLOUD Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice Syrup

SWEET CLOUD Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice Syrup is the perfect
natural alternative to white sugar. It’s subtle, balanced sweetness makes
it a delicious and flavorful sweetener to sweeten your favorite desserts,
morning cereal, pancakes…naturally.

The complex carbohydrates of our unique SWEET CLOUD Organic
Whole Grain Brown Rice Syrup metabolize slowly, providing a prolonged
source of energy that is calming and soothing. How sweet is that! How sweet is that!

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