Here at Great Eastern Sun, we believe that food should be healthy and fun to make! We just love making these Onigirazu – Homemade Sushi Sandwiches. These little umami packages are made with two outer layers of sushi rice and filled with veggies, a protein of your choice (we used fried tempeh and tofu) and seasoned with our Emperor’s Kitchen Organic Pickled Plum Paste or Emperor’s Kitchen Organic Pickled Plums if that’s what you have on hand. We hope you enjoy making some of your own Sushi Sandwiches with your family and friends as much as we did. 


Onigirazu – Delicious Homemade Sushi Sandwiches

Onigirazu Sushi Sandwiches made with Emerald Cove Organic Sushi Nori

Onigirazu aka “Sushi Sandwiches” are a fun twist on homemade sushi nori rolls. Sushi is typically rolled and sliced into bite-size pieces, with Onigirazu it is layered more like a sandwich with rice on the outsides (like bread slices on a sandwich) and your favorite fillings in the middle. They are often made on a layer of plastic wrap (we use natural cellophane!) and folded around the sushi sandwich and sliced on a diagonal to keep all the ingredients in place until ready to eat. Onigirazu are delicious, easy, and fun to make.  These sandwiches can be enjoyed as a whole meal, packed for simple on-the-go lunches, taken on hikes/outdoor activities, or simply enjoyed at home as a nice snack or meal. Get creative with your favorite fillings and enjoy these tasty, unique and fun Onigirazu sandwiches. 

  • Author: Organic Chef Tom
  • Yield: 46 1x



  • 2 cups organic sushi rice
  • 2½ cups water
  • 1 pinch sea salt


  • 2 avocados, cut in half and sliced
  • 1 red onion, sliced thin
  • 1 large tomato, sliced rounds
  • 1 small bunch arugula
  • 12 carrots, grated 
  •  5 slices Chef Tom’s Organic Sweet & Sour Tempeh, fried tofu or seafood of your choice
  • Emperor’s Kitchen Organic Black Sesame Seeds, raw or toasted 





  1. Wash and drain rice about 3 – 4 times until the water is clear. 
  2. Bring water to a boil with sea salt. Add sushi rice to boiling water and bring back to a boil, cover and reduce heat to simmer and cook for 20 minutes without removing cover. Turn off stove.Leave cover on and allow to sit for 15 minutes . 
  3. Pour rice into a large bowl and allow it to cool enough to hold in hands, by “cutting” back and forth with a rice paddle – about 15 minutes. 


  1. Lay cellophane or plastic wrap on the counter or large cutting board. 
  2. Lay 1 sheet of Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Sushi Nori on table with rough side facing up.
  3. Place ½ cup of sushi rice in the center of nori on a diagonal from the corners so that you are creating a diamond shape (about 3 inches wide) pressing rice together lightly. 
  4. Spread umeboshi paste on rice.
  5. Start layering your fillings; tempeh (or tofu, crab…), grated carrots, avocado, arugula, onion ring … 
  6. Top with another ½ cup of sushi rice (laying down gently) creating the same diamond shape as the rice on the bottom.
  7. Spread a little umeboshi paste on top and a sprinkle with black sesame seeds.   


  1. Bring one corner of nori up to the center of rice (it should stick.) Fold the opposite corner up to the center of the rice. 
  2. Do the same for the remaining two corners to create a package.
  3. Fold the cellophane or plastic wrap up around sushi sandwich nice and tight and set aside while preparing remaining sushi sandwiches. 
  4. To serve, slice Onigirazu – Sushi Sandwiches in half (I like to slice on a diagonal) and serve with wasabi or store wrapped and uncut in the refrigerator and cut before eating or taking out at work, a hike… 


Homemade onigirazo - sushi sandwiches with Emperor's Kitchen Organic Toasted Sushi Nori