We've collected some of our most often questions that we hear from our great customers
with answers that we hope will be helpful with questions that you might have! 

To find the shelf life of our American-made, organic Miso Master Miso please refer to the "Best By" date on the bottom of the miso tub. This "Best By" date reads month-month day-day year-year. Once opened the miso will be at its peak of flavor and freshness through that date. 

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Homemade sushi is easy to prepare and a super fun meal to make with family and friends joining in. We have some recipes for you to try in Great Eastern Sun's Healthy Recipe Collection including Stuffed Nori Cones, and Soba Nori Rolls. 

There's also a great sushi book titled, "The Complete Book of Sushi" by Hideo Dekura, Brigid Treloar and Ryuichi Yoshii for the more serious sushi fans who wish to explore the ultimate in creative homemade sushi rolling recipes.  

Emerald Cove Organic Toasted Nori is Certified Organic and Non-GMO Verified. Happy, homemade Sushi making!

Our Emperor's Kitchen Organic Shiitake Mushrooms are certified USDA Organic and are convenient way to have shiitakes on hand for your healthy daily meals. 

Haiku Organic Hojicha Roasted Green Tea
Our Hojicha is made from larger, older leaves and small twigs of the
tea bush and contains smaller amounts of caffeine compared to Haiku
Sencha Green Tea. 

Haiku Kukicha Twig Tea
Tea farmers carefully select 40% medium 3-year, 40% thick 10-year,
and 20% thin twigs and leaves aged 1 year and then gently roast each
variety separately bringing out their full rich flavor.  Because the twigs
of the tea plant are the lowest in caffeine, Kukicha tea can be enjoyed
throughout the day. 


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