Emperor’s Kitchen Organic Mikawa Mirin


Emperor’s Kitchen Organic Mikawa Mirin is a tangy, sweet rice wine, perfect for use in Japanese dishes and glazes. Mirin is a key flavor component in teriyaki sauce. Our organic mirin is carefully fermented to develop the unique flavor without the use of corn syrup, MSG, or other additives. Mirin enhances the flavor of our American-made, organic Miso Master Miso.


10 oz Plastic Bottle | 32 oz Plastic Jug


Emperor’s Kitchen Organic Mikawa Mirin is one of the sources of that hard-to-place Umami flavor found in many Japanese dishes. It has a subtlety and a richness that is a combination of tangy, sweet, and umami, making it pair well with salty sauces such as tamari or soy sauce. Emperor’s Kitchen Organic Mikawa Mirin’s best asset is that it complements delicate flavors while it mellows salty, spicy, or strongly seasoned dishes.

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10 oz, 32 oz

Organic Mikawa Mirin 10 oz

Organic Mikawa Mirin 32 oz

Emperor's Kitchen Organic Mmikawa Mirin 32 oz Nutritional Facts

Organic Sweet Rice, Water, Organic Rice, Koji (Aspergillus oryzae)