Soba Nori Rolls


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Soba Nori Rolls


Here’s a unique twist on homemade sushi ~ filled with Organic Planet Organic Soba Noodles. Get creative and add your favorite sushi fillings. Invite family and friends over to roll their own and enjoy the fun.




  1. Cook noodles absorbing to instructions on package. Drain and spread neatly on a dry towel.
  2. Lay one quarter of the noodles side by side across one sheet of nori. Roll up nori as firmly as possible.
  3. Repeat with remaining sheets of nori and noodles. Using a sharp knife, carefully slice rolls in half, then cut each half into three equal pieces.
  4. Add a small amount of water at a time to wasabi powder until it forms a paste, and form into a ball. Place noodle rolls along with wasabi on a platter and serve with slices of sushi ginger and dipping sauce.

Organic Planet@ Organic Soba Noodles 8 ozOrganic Planet Organic Soba Oriental Noodles
Organic Planet Organic Soba Noodles are made with the finest heirloom buckwheat and finely sifted wheat flour resulting in traditional style soba with the look and taste of 100% buckwheat.Enjoy with your favorite stir-fry, in shoyu and mirin seasoned broths or rolled in nori for a flavorful twist on homemade sushi.

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