Udon Salad

Udon Salad Recipe with Organic Planet Udon Noodles

Udon Salad wth Organic Planet Whole Wheat Udon Noodles


This delicious, filling udon salad is just right on a warm day.



1. Prepare noodles according to package directions, drain, and set aside.

2. While noodles are cooking, lightly steam the broccoli or green beans until just tender and still bright green.

3. Peel the cucumber and quarter lengthwise, then thinly slice. Combine the miso, vinegar, and water.

4. Chop noodles into 2” lengths and toss them with the vegetables. Add dressing and mix well.

5. Garnish with minced scallion, serve and enjoy.

Organic Planet Traditional Whole Wheat Udon

Organic Planet Traditional Whole Wheat Udon noodles are the smoothest, quickest cooking organic Asian-style whole wheat pasta ever to be sold in the natural foods market. Udon noodles readily absorbs the flavor of your favorite broths, sauces, and seasonings.

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