Great Eastern Sun Product Videos

We are proud of our high quality, organic, natural, and Non-GMO product lines and hope that you enjoy learning more about them with the videos below!

The Miso Master Miso Story

Enjoy learning the story behind Miso Master® Miso.

Making Authentic Miso Master Miso

Enjoy learning about the making of our authentic, organic Miso Master® Miso made in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. 

Whole Foods Interviews American Miso Company

Thirty years experience in artisanal organic miso-making produces the finest miso in the world. The American Miso Company was founded with the sole purpose of transferring traditional hand-crafted artisanal miso-making from Japan, where it was rapidly dying out, to America, where this essential ancient lore could be preserved and nourished.

New Uses for Miso Master Miso

Miso Master® organic, American made miso is a delicious and healthy seasoning for soups and so much more! Miso Master® traditionally made miso is a versatile ingredient to add flavor and nutrition to salad dressings, sauces, marinades, dips ...Turn your everyday recipes into exciting, delicious and nutritious creatives that the whole family will love! 

American Miso Made in Rutherfordton, NC

TIME WARNER CABLE: A traditional Japanese seasoning agent has been produced in the North Carolina mountains for over 35 years.