Great Eastern Sun Product Videos

We are proud of our high quality, organic, natural, and Non-GMO product lines and hope that you enjoy learning more about them with the videos below!

The Miso Master Miso Story

Enjoy learning the story behind Miso Master® Miso.

Making Authentic Miso Master Miso

Enjoy learning about the making of our authentic, organic Miso Master® Miso made in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. 

Whole Foods Interviews American Miso Company

Thirty years experience in artisanal organic miso-making produces the finest miso in the world. The American Miso Company was founded with the sole purpose of transferring traditional hand-crafted artisanal miso-making from Japan, where it was rapidly dying out, to America, where this essential ancient lore could be preserved and nourished.

American Miso Made in Rutherfordton, NC

TIME WARNER CABLE: A traditional Japanese seasoning agent has been produced in the North Carolina mountains for over 35 years.