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Our Brands | Great Eastern Sun

Explore our carefully curated selection of Asian and globally-inspired natural ingredients.

Our Family of Brands

Great Eastern Sun distributes eight brands of natural products to help you stock your pantry with nothing but goodness including:

Miso Master® Organic Miso Paste

Handcrafted organic miso paste and miso tamari since 1979. Unpasteurized & naturally fermented. Miso Master Organic Miso contains live probiotic bacteria, like the probiotic bacteria found in yogurt. Choosing to avoiding fermentation acceleration & pasteurization, Miso Master delivers a "living food” with unparalleled flavor & no compromises.

Emerald Cove® Dried Edible Seaweed

Nutritious sea vegetables such as wakame, kombu and arame seaweed.

Emperor's Kitchen® Globally-Inspired Pantry Staples

Traditional ingredients and condiments including jarred garlic and ginger, umeboshi vinegar, and shiitake mushrooms.

Sushi Sonic® Real Wasabi Powder

Genuine wasabi products made without the use of chemicals or dyes.

Haiku® Organic Japanese Teas

Organic Japanese loose and bagged teas including kukicha twig, sencha,oolong, and hojicha green teas.

Organic Planet® Asian-Style Noodles

Traditional Asian-style roll and cut noodles including udon, soba and lomein.

Sweet Cloud® Brown Rice Sweeteners

Whole grain, vegan, brown rice syrup liquid sweeteners.

HealthSavor® Organic Miso-Infused Condiments

Reinvented, no sugar added miso-infused condiments for healthy eating including our award winning Miso Mustard.

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