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Miso Kale Chips

Now here's a new tasty twist to a popular snack! Miso Kale Chips seasoned with our delicious, American-made Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso and Miso Master Organic Miso Tamari.


Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso


Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso
Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso is one of our Short-Term miso varieties. These misos have their own unique position in the miso universe; in many ways this position is the mirror opposite of the Long-Term Aged Misos.


Miso Master Organic Miso Tamari

Miso Master® Organic Miso Tamari is a tasty, soy sauce made as a by-product of fermenting miso. It is quite distinctive, with a complex, rich flavor and a thick consistency. As a true tamari, it has a dark color slight smoky flavor, and can be used as a dip, marinade, baste or added to sauces and dips. It is also free of wheat.