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Great Coleslaw Made With Miso Orange Ginger Dressing


Crunchy, light, refreshing, coleslaw pairs well with almost anything. I love coleslaw on a sandwich instead of plain lettuce. Slaw pairs with meat, seafood, fish, veggies, spring rolls, beans, or a plethora of other delicious main dishes. Not to mention its a great way to get more veggies into your daily diet.

While I love coleslaw - I also love to try a new twist on my favorite classics. Orange and ginger are a natural pairing that make this little side dish into something special. Organic Mellow White Miso paste adds a hint of salty, sweet flavor, organic brown rice syrup contributes to the silky texture and light, subtle sweetness without making this too sweet.

Lastly, we chose our Emperor's Kitchen® Organic Pureed Ginger root for its consistent flavor and spicy kick without the fuss. Convenient, easy to use pureed ginger root with no clean-up. Its ready when you need it - giving you the fresh, spicy bite of ginger root, anytime!

Servings: 6 small salads

  • Prep Time: 15 mins





  1. Add all dressing ingredients (everything but the slaw mix) to a food processor or a high speed blender and blend until it changes into a shimmering pool of silky dressing.
  2. Add dressing to the slaw mix you chose and toss. Cover and refrigerate overnight or at least for 2 hours.
  3. When ready to serve you can top it with chopped scallions, sesame seeds or fresh edamame.


Using a high speed blender or a food processor to really whip this makes a difference in bringing the flavors together.