GREAT EASTERN SUN Trading Company was founded in 1981 as the sales and distribution center for the American Miso Company, maker of MISO MASTER® American made, organic miso. Shortly thereafter, GES began importing many other traditional foods that are so vitally important to the natural foods diet. Today, we’re proud to offer the following product lines with our continued dedication to supplying only the highest quality, natural and organic food and ingredients for our valuable customers good health and enjoyment!

Miso Master® American-Made Organic Miso

Miso Master® American Made Miso Master Miso

Miso Master® Miso is traditionally made miso resulting in exceptional, unsurpassed flavor and quality. Miso Master® Miso is crafted from the finest, organic ingredients in 6 varieties with unique flavors for endless healthy and delicious culinary delights!

Organic Country Barley Miso
Organic Brown Rice Miso
Organic Traditional Red Miso

Organic Mellow White Miso

Organic Sweet White Miso
Organic Chickpea Miso




Emerald Cove® Sea Vegatables

Emerald Cove® Sea Vegetables

Emerald Cove® Sea Vegetables are mineral-rich superfoods enjoyed around the world! EMERALD COVE® Sea Vegetables are sourced from select grade sea vegetables in clean waters, harvested and processed with traditional methods for your healthy, natural meals.

Emerald Cove® Organic Kosher Silver Grade Pacific Toasted Sushi Nori (Best Seller!)
Emerald Cove® Organic Kosher Silver Grade Pacific Untoasted Hoshi Nori
Emerald Cove® Silver Grade Pacific Kombu
Emerald Cove® Silver Grade Ready-to-Use Pacific Wakame
Emerald Cove® Silver Grade Pacific Arame



Organic Planer Organic Noodles

Organic Planet® Organic Noodles

Organic Planet® Organic Noodles are traditionally crafted from certified organic heirloom grains by master Chinese millers.  Organic Planet® Organic Noodles are available in three popular varieties for all your favorite Asian dishes!

Organic Planet® Traditional Whole Wheat Udon Noodles
Organic Planet® Traditional Whole Wheat Lomein
Organic Planet® Soba



Sushi Sonic® Asian Condiments

Sushi Sonic® Asian Condiments

Sushi Sonic® Asian Condiments are a unique line of authentic Japanese-style condiments for your delicious home made sushi. Try our Sushi Sonic® 100% Real (freeze dried) Wasabi made with pure, rare Wasabi japonica (the “King of Herbs”) for a distinctive pungent flavoring. Enjoy our Sushi Sonic® 51% Real Wasabi with the perfect blend of horseradish and mustard for that eye-watering pungent taste and aroma common in popular sushi bars. And our Sushi Sonic® Sushi Ginger adds the perfect touch of Japanese flavoring to your sushi, tempura, tofu or fish dishes.

Sushi Sonic® 100% Real Wasabi
Sushi Sonic® 51% Real Wasabi



Haiku® Organic Japanese Teas

Haiku® Organic Japanese Teas

Haiku® Organic Japanese Teas are the finest, traditionally crafted Japanese teas in the world! For your organic tea enjoyment, Haiku® Organic Japanese Teas are made by the Nagata family at their centuries-old tea plantation in the remote Uji River Valley. 

Haiku® Organic Kosher Japanese Hojicha Roasted Green Tea
Haiku® Organic Kosher Japanese Kukicha Tea
Haiku® Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea



Sweet Cloud® Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Sweet Cloud® Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Sweet Cloud® Organic Brown Rice Syrup is a delightfully flavored natural sweetener crafted from organic brown rice and natural enzymes that produce a unique, rich sweet syrup. Sweet Cloud® Organic Brown Rice Syrup is delicious on your Sunday morning pancakes or waffles, cake frostings…or baking a batch of organic cookies, pies or any of your favorite desserts.
Available in family style 16 oz glass jar or 1 gallon jug for the serious baker!

Sweet Cloud® Organic Brown Rice Syrup